What is Cielito Lindo Independent & Assisted Living?

Within a retired community, there are Villas and service units specially designed for this purpose. Round the clock attention is provided according to the needs of each resident, by perfectly selected and trained personnel. A beautiful environment surrounded by lakes, a wonderful weather, in an intimate contact with nature, providing quality of life in the widest meaning of the expression, following the highest international standards of architectural quality and service to the dependent senior. Providing also final and tanatological services, highly valuable for the resident as well as for the family, making a dignified grieving easier.

Who could be a resident in Cielito Lindo Full Assisted Living?

Any person in need of total attention, due to aging or to consequence of common illnesses of that stage, including Alzheimer or other demential pathologies that could compromise the stability of the rest of the family or the health of the one providing the attention.

Let’s not forget that “the caregiver wears out faster than the care receiver”. There comes a time when, while giving priority to the everyday activities, the attention to the elder is affected or diminished, and is wise to seek for options, in favor of the senior in first place, and in second, of the caregiver and the rest of the family”.

We are trained to assist a person going through any of the described stages of deterioration.

My mother has had Alzheimer for 3 years now. Could you take care of her properly?

In Cielito Lindo Full Assisted Living, we have de abilities and characteristics, ruled by specialized International Institutions, in order to assist any patient or senior that may have an illness of this kind, or any similar, even cancer or other terminal disease, emphasizing that the quality of life for each one of our residents is another objective we seek.

Can I visit, even if I live outside of Mexico, or in a place far from Cielito Lindo?

Considering this situation, we have built rooms for the relatives of our residents, with an activity program in which they are involved with their loved ones, residents of Cielito Lindo, in such a way that they will be able to spend wonderful days with them, obtaining through these activities the peace that we all need so much when we are far away from our loved ones in such a situation.

My father suffers from terminal cancer, and honestly I am not able to care for all of his needs, because he requires attention 24 hours a day. Could you receive him and care for him until the final moment arrives?

Absolutely yes. Our personnel is trained to care for specifically these cases, understanding that, when that time comes, the tanatological or Hospice attention comes before the medical. We are able to provide final services, and we also have options to attend that part of the life of our residents. In such case, we can arrange the necessary connections to make decisions easier, taken with opportunity.

In case of needing it, could you medically assist my relative?

We provide the so called “first contact attention” inside our facilities with our staff; later, and according to your instructions, your loved one could be transferred to a hospital in San Miguel, or to the place you have chosen to go on with the treatment indicated by your particular doctor.

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